The Pizza Parties, to celebrate the finish of the Bazaar !

            2021 Pizza Party, Feb 25th

Celebrating another very successful Bazaar with all our 


                                  A great way to say thank you !


2020 Thank you Party

             Our ‘ favorite  SeaSlug’ Helpers discussing the great Bazaar

                       Friendship makes great helpers !

 Tom Mills donated to the Bazaar from the proceeds of his book                                        “Greatest little Town in Florida”

                                                             Me ? no Me !

                                   They are entertaining!

                                               Friends chatting

                              Who’s going to work in the kitchen next year ?

                       This was another great Pizza thank you

                             Well ladies ” we should discuss next year “

          Another great windup with Seasider friends . We made friends and got to know each other a little better, a great way to give back to our community.


2019 Pizza Party  Feb 28

                                                           This is after our fantastic Bazaar !
Chris / Dale , Co-Chairs giving the results of 2019 Bazaar to the After Party!
Thank you to all of the Seasiders and Residents who supported us in making our Bazaar successful  We are proud to report that our Bazaar made $11,295.00 which will be used to support our local charities. A special thank you to our community of Palm Beach Shores and surrounding neighbors.
Each Section of workers waiting for Results !
OMG, hurry up !
This is like waiting for the Oscar results !
I’m just keeping my fingers crossed…..
Wall Decor & Card tables awaiting their results…
Anxious ladies…
Clothing did a super job !
We are Waiting …
Can you believe how well cards did ?
The pizza has arrived !
Ok, let’s dig in….How many Weight Watcher points ? ……
Yummy !
Another fantastic Pizza Party. Fun and food, what a winning combo !


It is always a fun way to wrap up a great event !

2018 Bazaar Co-Chairs,  Dale and Chris  at the Thank you Pizza Party.

2018  THANK YOU PIZZA PARTY at the Community Center.

A Big Thank you to all who participated in any way to make 2018 Bazaar a success !  $9,766.00 Success for our local charities !


2017 Pizza Party Thank You
It is always great fun to get together with all the volunteers who have worked in so many capacities for the yearly Bazaar. This is a small thank you for all their work ! Thank you all.

Co-Chairs, Diane and Chris thanking all the volunteers.

Thank you for a great Bazaar.
The figure is in…. the 2017 Bazaar raised $ 12,568.02

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