sponsorship of new members



Guidelines for Sponsors of New Members

Sponsors have an important role to play in the orientation of new Seasiders, particularly in helping them find ways to become active in the volunteer efforts of our service organization. Here are some guidelines on how you can make your new member a welcome and productive part of the Seasiders.

Duties of Sponsors

  1. Be a mentor to the new member, especially during the first year.
  2. Attend the specific Board Meeting in which the approval of the new member will be on the agenda.
  3. Be prepared to tell the Board about the new member and what assets the proposed member will bring to the organization ( skills, volunteer interest, etc ).
  4. Attend the luncheon at which the new member is inducted.

Suggested Guidelines for Mentoring:

Because you know the new member you have an advantage and can:

  1. Determine skills and interests of the new member and suggest ways in which the new member can become an active part of the Seasiders.
  2. Attend a Thursday am Community Service gathering at Town Hall with the new member and explore service opportunities in which the new member can become involved. A wide variety of skills are required for our different projects. She can see the current projects and may even have some suggestions for new efforts.
  3. Attend luncheons with new member and make her feel more comfortable in Seasiders by introducing her to other members, particularly those who have common interests.
  4. Introduce the new member to the Four Arts Group, the Social Group, the Home and Garden Group, the Book Club, and other groups listed in the Seasider directory. These groups have interesting programs each month.

Volunteering in Seasider activities and special projects will definitely increase the new member’s enjoyment and fellowship of the Seasider organization, and will help her find her own place in its proud tradition of service to the community.

We welcome the new member into the organization at the luncheon after sponsorship has been approved. Please note the luncheon payment is payable by the new member and a check for this amount at the door is preferred.

Thank you for being a sponsor for one of our newest members!

Your Membership Chairman

Caroll Oliver