The card players meet at the Community Center on the 3rd Tuesday of each month ( October to May)
They include a light lunch and enjoy fun and fellowship.

For information and to put your name on the ‘players’ list call  Pat Dameron , Anne Rieger or Pat Bishop.


March 6, 2018

We had 5 tables of ladies show up for Seasiders’s Social Club today.

Not sure what game everyone was playing but it appeared that everyone was having a lot of fun.

Players included Vera Spencer-Strong, Pat Maloney, Alice Sirl, Mary Ann Gills,Barb Platner, Lori Kollmeyer, Irene VanSoelen, Patty McMannus, Maura DeReuil, Bronnie Hayes, Bobbie Fletcher, Margie Moore, Elaine Sylvester, Eileen Dawson, Georgette Kauhane, Joan Mills.

The party was hosted by Pat Dameron, Anne Rieger and Ginny Foose.

Anyone interested in playing bridge or learning another game is encouraged to sign up at the Seasiders monthly luncheon.

Call Pat Demeron for further information.


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Wow, look at this hand !
Wow, look at this hand !