William Loftus:    Husband of our Seasider                                                           Roberta passed away suddenly.   Our condolences to Roberta.


Gail Goldstein

We are sad to announce that Gail passed away on Wednesday March 28, 2018. Gail had been an active Seasider for many years She was always willing to donate her beautiful creations for silent auction items and prizes.

Gail was an active member of Singer Island Rotary writing monthly articles for the local Islander paper. She volunteered in our local Police Department and was often seen in the early years driving a citizen patrol car through the neighborhood. She was active in the Fire Fighters Women’s Auxiliary and had a passion and concern for stray cats.  Gail and her beautiful smile will be missed.



Sad and unexpected:

Gil VanSoelen , our Seasider Jane VanSoelen’s husband passed away in Ontario, Canada Feb. 18.     Gil will be remembered fondly as he was a long time Singer Island Rotary member, POA member, and avid neighborhood biker.  Gil always had time to say hello and talk to everyone with his great booming voice. Although Gil was a ‘SnowBird’ he was always loyal to the United States  for helping to liberate his native Netherlands during WW11.

Our condolences to Jane and family in Welland Ontario and to his sister-in-law and brother, Irene and Ike Van Soelen.