Monthly Meeting Happenings and Pictures

January monthly luncheon was a fun luncheon designed to mingle and get to know each other.  The room was full of laughter 

Julie Dodd was welcomed as a new member!














Nancy is explaining !
























Waiting their turn to get the ‘mic’ !

50/50 ladies






























December luncheon was full of creative attire.





The certainly was excitement waiting for Santa !









 ********************* A busy luncheon to start a busy season ******************



A Tree Planting for Ingrid DeFusco.

The Seasiders contacted the Environmental Committee for the purpose of planting a tree to be dedicated to the memory of Ingrid. The Environmental Committee selected a dwarf Ylang Ylang tree  which turns out to have been a favorite of the DeFusco’s from their days in Madagascar.  ( The the fragrant  flowers are the source of Channel #5.)
This morning there was a lovely dedication ceremony followed by refreshments arranged by the Seasiders at the home of Mary and Bob Stanton.We were fortunate to have the presence of Tony DeFusco and  son Tony,  his wife Mary, granddaughter Abigail and grandson Andrew ( featured in a “tree shot” below ) to participate in the dedication.
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We offer our  condolences to the De Fusco family for their loss and
hope that this tree will serve as a positive , living memory of Ingrid.
 As you walk and enjoy our nature Be sure to check plants and trees in our Walk Way, many of them are in memory of residents and this gives us a chance to remember them.
PBS a Caring and Giving Community!

November in the south and our members are gathering for the season !


November Meeting. It is exciting to see all the Seasiders again.