Home and Garden chairs, Elaine Susany, Marcia Cohn and Julie Palhof always has something interesting for the group to do on the 3rd Tuesday of every month ( October to May)


These chair ladies are busy co-ordinating both Home and Garden and Four Arts activties ! Join them for their outings and bring a friend.  Reservations ARE required. Contact any of the above gals


January 15, 2019 – Home and Garden group toured the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County.  Although we are ‘ talking garbage ‘ it is a very interesting tour!    Visitors are always welcome to come along with our Seasider gals for any of our tours they might be interested in.  Check the monthly news letter for events.

Tour Co-ordinator, Carol gathering the troups.




Vinnie sitting in the replica chair that handles the giant claw which moves the garbage.




Land fill site.





humm… never knew Garbage could be so interesting !

Wow, did you see that ?

must be a new movie character ?

                                                        Vinnie is still driving ?

                                       A Bird ?  a Plane ?

Look who’s taking control !


The Breakers at Christmas



Flagler Museum in Palm Beach is an interesting place to relive history of the area.

A Kapok Tree at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach


A warm welcome to our new member Ellen St.John.   Welcome Ellen!



Bethesada Church, Palm Beach, touring beautiful Christmas decorations.November 2017





Some of our previous functions :

April (2016) function was a wine tasting night at Total Wine at Legacy Place.
It was a fun night with some of our husbands joining us as we had an arm chair tour evening drinking our way though, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Uraguay !






Previous functions :

Mt. Botanical Gardens – Lecture, Succulents

Swank Farms

Norton Museum – Art by Women

Manatee Queen Cruise, Jupiter

Joyner’s Garden – Rain Forest

fun adventures, you never know who you will get to know !
Bring a friend or significant other but you have to confirm with the committee chairs…. they can’t guess how many to reserve for if YOU don’t call them !

The committee chairs put time and effort into these outings so please participate !