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Take a look at the new plantings at the Fountain ! What a nice improvement !
Myra and Kathleen all smiles, Arbor Day 2021
Barb reading the description of new tree for Arbor Day 2021

Greetings !
Friday was a beautiful day for our Arbor Day Celebration. Many thanks to the  “many” who made this a successful event: Alan Fiers – who read the Proclamation praising trees; Barbara Platner who gave us the history of the Pink Powderpuff tree, Dave Stevens and other POA members who financed the  purchase of the tree and helped to set up including- John- Peterson the sound man and  Scott Ackerman- the table mover-; Alan Welch and his crew- Andrew & Jared who planted the tree;Tracy Larcher who transported the tree; Elizabeth Kuechenmeister for taking  the good photos  ( yours truly took the lesser ones ) ; Robert Halkett & Mary Stanton for handling the EC Tree Petition and for everyone else who came out to celebrate the “greening” of Palm Beach Shores.
Tree Replacement by EC Committee
A Royal Poinciana Tree was planted in memory of Dan Shalloway.  Unfortunately the original planting did not do well and the EC has replanted in honor of Dan and the years he served the Town of Palm Beach Shores.


Arbor Day 2020

    This was different Arbor Day thanks to the Corona-19 virus.        You will notice in the pictures that everyone respected personal distance. A big thank you to the EC Committee and the dedicated volunteers who continue to make our Town beautiful ! Pictures are courtesy of Elizabeth.            
          Mayor Myra presenting Arbor Day plaque to Grace and Barb

Our Town, new plantings.

Barb and Rick  ( notice Barb has appropriate leaf design on her blouse…. well done Barb  !

The Petersons  watching the presentations.

         The Banyon Tree standing guard.
                                           POA President Rick with Lori
 Workers and volunteers watched the annual event.
    Alan and Town residents enjoying the  sunshine and Arbor Day                                                                           2020


Sprucing up the town Flower Boxes

EC Volunteers hard at work, Thank you !


A big Thank You to all the volunteers in our Town of Palm Beach Shores! You all give tirelessly of your time and talents.
pictures courtesy : Grace, EC Chair.


These pictures capture the great evening in Palm Beach Shores for the annual Tree Lighting Evening.                                                                           pictures courtesy Grace, EC Committee.

                               The Chowder people are ready !

                                Oh my Gosh,  he IS here !

                                     ” Santa”   is    here !

                    Mayor Myra and her candy canes

                            YES, it was a GOOD night !

Many Thanks go to Santa, PBS Public Works Dept., the Holiday Choir, the Elves from POA and the fabulous Chili from the Sailfish Marina.   Thank you to all the workers some from the North Pole and some from Florida’s sandy shores.



                                Carol is checking the quality ?

                  Looks like this tree grew since last December

                                             Must be in this box !

                          Sit here Barb… this is the supervisors seat

                                      I found the Star !

                                                  Oh No ! more

                                             Men on ladders….

                                        say fellows.. dont forget the presents

                What do you think?…. job well done ?

The Planters are done, the Tree is beautiful.. let the festivities begin !

                              A big thank you to all the volunteers,

the Fire Department for climbing the ladder, Janet for hot beverages and all the Elves who made this a fun day !

pictures courtesy Grace, EC Committee


With  ourVOLUNTEERS the clean up on the Palm Beach Shores beach becomes as day of laughter and making new friends! A big Thank you to all and to Grace for organizing the ‘troops’.



Oh Oh I may have to stay this way for the rest of the day !

Hey who says ‘clean ups’ can’t be fun !



 A new tree was planted in our Walk Way in memory of Ingrid Defusco.

Please go to ‘Monthly Meeting & Happenings’ for more pictures and description of tree.


Palm Beach Shores EC Committee are hard at it again ! April 12 “Garden Party” was a work day ! Take a few minutes and see our hard working volunteers beautifying our Town.
                                      Watch Us Grow Again !

                 Nope…. we are NOT resting !


This year a Yellow Desert Cassia tree was planted on the Walk Way, corner of Tacoma Lane.  It was dedicated to the Living Memory of Barb and Chuck Platner who have been valued members for 29 years of the EC .

Mayor Myra read the Official Arbor Day Celebration

Cookies, dessert and punch was enjoyed as we gathered to view our beautiful Town Walk Way and thank the EC group of Towns people who volunteer their time and talents to keep us the ‘Best Little Town in Florida’

              Next time you are walking on the Pathway stop to see how beautiful everything is and then thank the EC committee !


The EC Committee hard at work this January morning, looks like they are having some fun as well. 🙂

                                                    Ok, you hold the bag …….

                                                       The happy gang !

  There must be something about playing in the dirt….it makes happy                                                                                People!

Come ‘play’ in the dirt…it’s great therapy ! The Ec group will show you how !

Alright….Carol wants to know who is going to mulch ….


The merry Holiday ‘PLANTERS’ ARE HARD AT WORK AGAIN ! They must be some of Santa’s Elves ?

Check out our Town Walk Way, it is looking very festive thanks to the EC hard working committee volunteers.  Take a minute to thank these people when you see them working to make our Town BEAUTIFUL !

hum, are these volunteers leaning on their shovels ? Break time !


Rotary and POA Pancake Breakfast, another great breakfast in Town !

The winner of the Rotary 50/50:  $630.00,  a very happy man

But here is President John waiting for his ticket to be draw ?….

                                  What do you mean… not my ticket ?

                              The 50/50 hard working selling team ! ya!

   Be sure to join POA and Rotary next January for Breakfast and fun.



( delicious Chili courtesy of the Sail Fish Marina, Thank you! )


The hard working EC crew have been planting for the Holiday Season !

Hum, if I close my eyes I can even smell the wonderful flowers !

See… you don’t even get too dirty planting in Florida !

Wow, it IS getting to look a lot like Christmas !

Thank you to the dedicated EC Working Crew !



Sprucing up the Town’s utility site by Sandal and Blossom.

Ron is hard at work planting the Baby Sun Rosa Plants which were raised by Donna from cuttings for ground cover by the Fountain.

pictures, courtesy of Grace


Beach clean up 2018, another Beautiful day in Palm Beach Shores and these volunteers came out to keep our beach pristine !


Another Beautiful day in Palm Beach Shores !

Perfect for trimming and getting serious with those weeds who love PBS as much as we do !

Marie with a dangerous looking tool, Dot and Mary with the clippers and Barb ready to tidy up.   Ike was the lone Man on the crew this morning but ‘escaped’ before the camera could prove that he was working.                                                            picture courtesy of Grace


8 Flower Boxes planted,  our Town is ready for the Tree Lighting !

Picture courtesy of Grace !


write up are courtesy of Mayor Myra ( from Mayor’s Monthly News Report )- Thank you Myra

Hello Palm Beach Shores,

Our photo this month is the new Little Free Library that the Seasiders have generously donated to the Town. It is located on the Parkway near the gazebo behind Town Hall. If you can’t read the plaque, the inscription reads “The Seasiders of Palm Beach Shores Salute Elaine ‘the Book Lady’ Sylvester with this Little Free Library.” It has been spectacularly successful. Every time I go by, there is someone scanning the books. Joan Reilly’s lovely bookmarks make our Little Library special. Please stop by and take a book or leave a book.


Palm Beach Shores POA gala evening  April 14, 2018 !

the theme and customs were appropriate for the beautiful evening by the sea ! Look closely you may recognize some faces !


===================================================2018 The Mayors Youth Council

the Easter Bunny found her way to Palm Beach Shores on Easter Saturday. The younger crowd was delighted to have their picture taken with the Bunny and so were the Ice Cream Ladies !

Mayor Myra getting into the ‘swing’ of things

Our ‘working’ crew !

Ann ready for the Ice Cream gang.

The Inspectors……

Ok, I’m ready for the carpenters and creative ones to arrive !

Hamburger or Hot Dog ?

Our great Police Department lending a helping hand.


Those flower People in the Environmental committee hard at work in our Town !  Thank you !

pictures courtesy of Committee Chair Grace Sterrett. ( Thankyou )


Arbor Day, 2018, Tacoma Lane at the Walkway.

Check out the new tree planting. Our Environmental Committee is a hard working group of Palm Beach Shores residents who take pride in our beautiful Town.  Every year there is a new tree planted in our Walkway ! Check it out.


The 1st Annual Awards , held March 5, 2018 Community Center.  Honoring our Police, Fire  Department, Life Guards and Telecommunications

Please see pictures below .

life guards, volunteers, Police and Fire Dept all receiving well deserved awards.



I would guess that not too many of us can get into our wedding dress from 60 years ago, and looking fabulous !                                                                                                                                                                  **********************************************************************************************

Mayor Myra and A llan watching over the Town.


New Seasider office helper editing the 2018 Roster !
Tiger Lilly !   Joan R and Joan M called in the ‘Big Guns’ to check things over  !


The 5 Founding ladies discussing how to start the Seasiders in 1950                                    The ‘Talking Head’ Skit.


Fashion Show Hijinks 2017


Bazaar ladies find more goodies under the table !



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