‘Fun’ AND Adventure

Mayor Myra and Public Works Man of Many talents, Alan : on duty to make sure our new Town Garbage Bins were delivered !


Rotary and POA annual Pancake Breakfast was acclaimed as the best Pancakes yet !  Pictured above is the 50/50 ticket seller ( a “Toasted Western” ? ) really ?  Winner received $429.00.

This is an annual January affair !






50/50 ticket seller going off to the M.S. fundraiser at the Community Centre on Feb.4th.

‘ Fighting MS ‘ . $400 went to the luck ticket holder!


















This is why we are here in Palm Beach Shores !


POA Chowder night at the Community Center with celebrity servers !~  A great night with at least 10 different chowders and soups ! Delicious desserts  and coffee followed !~


































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Who is this lovely lady trying on her wedding dress ?  Married 60 years ago ! She looks fantastic !

I would guess that not too many of us can get into our wedding dress from 60 years ago, and looking fabulous !

















Congrats !











You just never know who will be recruited to help with Seasider paperwork.  our latest recruit is Tiger Lilly and she seems to be enjoying her job !

New Seasider office helper editing the 2018 Roster !
Tiger Lilly !   Joan R and Joan M called in the ‘Big Guns’ to check things over  !






=============================================== Check in on the 65 Birthday page for some recent pictures just added.   Great memories !

The 5 Founding ladies discussing how to start the Seasiders in 1950                                    The ‘Talking Head’ Skit.

===============================================                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        THE SEASIDERS HOME TOUR.
was MARCH 20, 2016
See Home Tour page on this web site for all the details.

bird house pic


Check in on the Fashion Show page for some fun pictures of the 2017  Fashions without Guilt throughout the Decades







Even the Hostesses got into the spirit of the day.




 Surprise guest model !

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There is even stuff under the tables ! Oh my, will we ever sell all these goodies !






New Grand Baby in California
New Grand Nephew  in California


Sunset in Muskoka Canada


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