Four Arts meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month (Oct to May ).
It is always a fun morning or afternoon and sometimes includes a stop lunch along the way.
Elaine Susany, Marcia Cohn and Carol Miller are very creative chairs for this group.

Going on any of their adventures will be a great way to meet friends and learn about our surrounding areas. 


VISITING THE BREAKERS HOTEL, PALM BEACH, always a beautiful hotel especially during the holidays !

The Beautiful Main Dinning Room at the Breakers !


Breakers Hotel and the Flagler Museum , History at it’s best in Palm Beach

Ladies visiting the Beautiful Flagler Whitehall Home.  All ladies are welcome to join any of our Seasider groups . Joining is a great way to meet your fellow Seasiders and they will be more than delighted to have you with them on any of their adventures.

A Kapok Tree at the Flagler


Bethesada Church, Palm Beach, touring beautiful Christmas decorations.. November 2017


Call any member of the committee for more detailed information on cost and times.
You can bring a friend or significant other on these trips but you have to confirm !!