2018 Fashion Show News

March 1, 2018 Seasiders Fashion Show !

Fun and Laughter are our motto !  And there was a lot of both at this years event.

Chinese Auction, raffle, boutiques, clothing, food and fun all in one

day !



The ladies are ready for the show !

A great crowd for the Fashion Show !

Ladies, it is as light as a feather….

Sue looking beautiful in RED !

Everyone should have a red dress !

I could wear this on my next travel adventure !

Off to Theater ?

Ok, ready ? here we go !

I’m bidding on this one !!

Oh Gosh, I love that dress !

A day at the Club ?

What do you think ?

Joan looks ready for the party !

Oh my … he IS tall.

Just like walking down the Aisle …..


I’m going to put up my ‘Paddle” on this one !

Joan has a handsome escort !

Handsome escort coming down the runway with Moderator Caroll

Husband and wife…. come here you beautiful model !

The food looks great also !


‘Ladies, look ! Thisis such a deal ‘

‘Between you and I, my flower doesn’t match my nails’


A great job by Fashion Show Chair, Christine Bergmann !

Looks like our fabulous caterers, The Islanders are enjoying the Fashion Show as well !