Fashion Show – Previous years



It was a perfect sunny day and 109 ladies came for a wonderful luncheon filled with surprises, fashions and fun !

The models wore beautiful clothes gleamed from our recent Bazaar and they looked stunning !  10 historical ‘guests’ arrived in costume and it was great fun trying to identify them with only the clues that they would provide for us. The ‘special visitors’ were Queen Elizabeth, Rosie the Riveter, Billie Jean King, Betsy Ross, Minnie Pearl, Wallis Simpson, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe,  and Iris Apfel!

Their vintage clothing was great and very well thought out. Thus the Theme of the Fashion Show, Glamour Without Gilt through the Decades  was perfect.

Ten Runway Models did a wonderful job in picking out their clothes and looked very regal.

The Beautician who did the makeup for the models added a great deal of professionalism to our event !

The wardrobe mistresses did a great job in keeping the models  organized and a fantastic job in bringing the items out for the successful bidders,

The tables were decorated to co-ordinate with the theme of the day and were a beautiful surprise .

There was a surprise model who ‘flew’ in to Palm Beach Shores to be with us especially for the fashion show and we were very fortunate to have ‘ her’  with us. So thank you T.R.M.

Our handsome escort did a great job in walking the models out to the stage, Thank you L.J.S,

Then lastly and certainly not least were the two gals who organized the entire day, Eileen Dawson and Judy Craddock, Many Many hours of work and thought went into this production and they are to congratulated.! It was a wonderful success. When we have the final figures on the success of the auction, raffle and Chinese auction we will let you know ! Stay tunned !

Pictures of the fun

Our Egyptian hostesses, Carol, greeted everyone at the door and set the mood for a fun day.
The BeeBopper, Irene, at the Card table.





Flapper Joan, at the Reservation desk.



A beautiful vintage Wedding Dress was donated by Elaine, I wish I could have fit into it.


Carol and visitor enjoying the fun.


Every where you looked there were Seasiders in vintage outfits…. Great fun !

Even the Bar Maids were in the ‘spirit’



Wallis Simpson was very ‘Regal’ in her vintage outfit !


Chris was doing a great job selling the Brio Raffle Tickets.

The ladies chatting and mingling.



Our Handsome Escort !




Mother and Daughter out for a good time !


The ladies arriving , not knowing what to expect…..


Oh oh, the two Egyptian Hostesses…. looking for Mark Anthony… to arrive… maybe ?

Do you have your name tags, Ingrid and Maria are checking.





Models and Makeup artist chatting with our a special guest ( r.h. side ) who turned 100 years old last September ! Yes, that’s correct, 100 !

She is always our special guest each year when she visits Palm Beach Shores !


Debbie in a Chinese robe for the Chinese Auction, well done !


Ladies getting a head start with the auction items.

Rosie the Riveter and the ‘Queen’ chatting about WW11, maybe ?


More chatting and laughter !


Rosie and the BeeBopper !



The ‘Queen’ and Betsy Ross




Minnie Pearl ?    Yeeha !






Phyllis Diller ? is that you ?










Iris Apfel  ? from Palm Beach ?





Tennis anyone ?

Love the Pill Box Hat Jackie !


is Mrs. Simpson looking for her Sister-in – Law ?  maybe NOT !


Marilyn Monroe, so glad you dropped in…..

Barb looking beautiful in the Bazaar ‘find’

Rosie and the ‘Queen’, they both worked in the Second World War !


The Tutor clothing and hair style







Oh, Oh, the ‘Queen’ DID find Wallis !! and does not looked too pleased ?….

Edwardian dresses








Flappers !



Minnie and Rosie chatting.

Billie Jean is ready to swing !

Mrs. Simpson meets an Edwardian lady ! didn’t know there were iPads in 1901 ( the Edwardian era )

Rita is selling tickets and wants to know if you have purchased yours !

Sue in a gorgeous pink outfit !Really ladies, it’s Marilyn under the hair !

Rosie giving some advice to Virginia …….

What could Betsy and Billie Jean be discussing ?

Wow, a lot of lace in this outfit !

Is  Jackie  ‘Kennedy’  still selling tickets ?

Our Very Special guest who flew into PBS to be with us for our Fashion Show !

Ladies look at this beautiful ensemble !

You look SO elegant , that evening dress was made for YOU !

Ladies please thank our very special guest for taking time out of her busy schedule to be with us today, it took hours of co-ordinating to make this possible and we have to thank 2 very special people !!


You are supposed to be looking at the shoes that are for sale, they’ve already sold the coat right off my back !…….. Vinnie is right…!

Joan found this beautiful outfit and is ready for afternoon tea at the Norton.
Caroll looks great in Blue.
Connie is going to the afternoon High Tea as well !
Diane is strutting the Runway in a beautiful outfit !
Yes, I agree, Diane does look beautiful !This beautiful blue fur coat is making it’s way to northern climes !Thank you to all our  “from the decade “models for being such good sports ! It was great fun trying to figure out who you were portraying .

The Auctioner !

A crowd of Ladies

Marilyn, do you think I should purchase a ticket on this item ?

Miss. Rosie, I have purchased all these lucky tickets on the silent auction…. do you think I will be a winner ?

Having a conversation with a “character’ from the past.

Checking with Cleopatra




                                   MARILYN !

We  hope you enjoyed the Fabulous Fashions all gleamed from our great Bazaar !

Diane VanderPol and Chris Mielke , co-chairs   2017 Bazaar



The ‘Glamour Without Guilt – Fashions through the Decades’ fashion show raised over $2,641.00 for charity, thanks to the contributions of many:

The Runway Models:

Lynda Allora

Cathy Breese

Sue Franklin

Barbara Haines

Joan Mills

Caroll Oliver

Jean Powell

Joan Reilly

Ann Turner

Diane VanderPol

Connie Wilson

and our special mystery model, Tom Mills !

The Celebrity Models who dressed as the historical figures they were portraying were:

Eileen Dawson – Jackie Kennedy

Maura DeReuil – Wallis Simpson

Dot Erickson – Minnie Pearl

Sue Franklin- Phyllis Diller

Mary Ann Gillis- Billie Jean King

Barbara Hadden- Betsy Ross

Georgette Kauhane- Marilyn Monroe

Barbnara Platner- Queen Elizabeth

Joan Reilly- Rosy The Riveter

Elaine Susany- Iris Apfel

Our beautician and make-up artist:     Rosemarie Woloszak

Our Dressing Room staff that kept all the fashions organized and helped the models dress for the runway:

LouAnn Colaneri

Pat Johnson

Diane Kerrigan

Linda Robertson

The beautiful table decorations:   Georgette Kauhane and Ann Turner

Raffle and Chinese Auction Sales:

Debbie Kasbee

Lynda Allora

Jeannie Ambrosini

Chris Mielke

Diane VanderPol

Behind the scenes workers that helped record auction bids and collect the proceeds

Judy Craddock

Georgette Kauhane

Debbie Kasbee

Roberta Loftus

All of the additional Seasider working staff at the fashion show that dressed in period costumes.  It took a lot of time to get these outfits together but added to the fun of the afternoon.

Our handsome model escort, dressed in red tie and tuxedo, Larry Sommers

Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Cathy Sommers, who kept the fashion show on track, all the while entertaining us with her costumes, comments and never ending surprises.

Thank you to all the Seasiders and Guests who supported this event.  The event raised over $2,578.00 for our charities.

Judy Craddock and Eileen Dawson Co-Chairs Seasider 2017 Fashion Show.


      Thank you Judy and Eileen for a fabulous job creating the 2017 Seasiders Fashion Show !  The best ever !


Years gone by………………

You my gosh,, 2014 ? what will 2017 bring ? another Fashow Show ! !
You my gosh,, 2014 ?