Executive and Board of Directors for
2021- 2022

President:                                               Lori Kollmeyer
1st V.P. – Newsletter:                           Kathy Ramsey
2nd V.P. – Name tags :                          Marcia Cohn
Recording Secretary :                        Mary Stanton
Corr. Secretary/Reservations:        Cindy Stevens
Treasurer :                                            Mary Beth Koch
Past President :                                    Chris Mielke

Special Committees:

Publicity – Barbara Platner, Nancy Cogger

Programs – Chairs – Carol McKenna,

Photographgers – Nina Lammert, Cathy Sommers

Historian – Kris Beaudette

Hostesses – Elizabeth Kuechenmeister, Georgette Kauhane

Table Decorations – Georgette Kauhane, Christine Bergmann

Neighbor to Neighbor – Maura DeReuil, Cathy Breese

Web Site – Cathy Sommers


Lunch reservations: seasidelunch65@gmail.com

Web Site: www.seasiderspbs.com

247 Edwards Lane
Palm Beach Shores, Fl, 33404


Executive for 2019/2020 Being Installed by Joan

                                        Welcome Ladies !

The Seasiders are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of members who always step forward to volunteer for their turn on the Executive.  It is an active Club with interest for everyone.


For Details on each Committee Area please “Click” on the Individual Pages

Committee Chairs:

Community Service: Chris Mielke, Sue McManus

Bazaar:  Georgette Kauhane

Social Group: Anne Rieger, Pat Dameron

Home & garden/ Four Arts Group: Connie Wilson

Book Club: Dot Erickson, Caroll Oliver