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Monthly Meeting Minutes-April 1, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 11:30am.
Welcome from Chris. Pledge of Allegiance recited.
Welcome to our guests. Nine guests were introduced.
Happy Birthday to all our April birthday members.

A brief synopsis of our March 4th lunch minutes will be read by Secretary, Kendra Zizzamia. A copy of the minutes is on our web site. There were no corrections or additions to the minutes. Motion made by Connie & seconded by Pat to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathy Ramsey will read our Treasurer’s Report. I need a motion & a second to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Connie made motion and Nancy seconded to accept report.
122 members have paid dues.
Seasiders Share by the Seashore Campaign Report. Total contributions $8,125.00. Donors included 8 town folks, 3 relatives of members and 54 Seasiders.

Board Reports:
First Vice-President/Newsletter-Lori Kollmeyer- no report
Second Vice-President/Nametags-Marcia Cohn- no report
Corresponding Secretary/Reservations-Nancy Cogger-send in any information updates for the new directory.
Committee Reports:
Membership-Caroll Oliver has a new member to be installed today-Lisa Russo installed.
Carroll reminded members to have prospective members fill out application card.
Community Service-Cindy Stevens, Sue McManus-
Thanks to last months sandwich makers and this month the sandwiches will be made at Cindy’s house.
Social-Anne Reiger-Sign up sheet for social on April 20th. Puzzles will be added to the mix and new card games will be played.
Home & Garden/Four Arts-Connie Wilson-reports that Four Arts offering a garden show and Kipps offering a home show in Palm Beach. No group trips planned at this time.
Fellowship-Cathy Breese-if you send an email to Cathy Breese, please put Seasiders in subject space so she makes sure she sees it.
Directory-Nancy Cogger-update info as necessary
Program-Carol McKenna-report of todays speaker from Nothing Bundt Cakes.
Historian-Kris Beaudette-no report
Website-Cathy Sommers (absent) keep the pictures coming for the web
Hostesses-Georgette Kauhane, Elizabeth Kuechenmeister-no report
Neighbor to Neighbor-Cathy Breese-no report
Book Club-Caroll Oliver, Dot Erickson-Book selections for next year compiled. List will be available in the May newsletter to allow for members to get some reading done over the summer.

Announcements & Club Business:
In accordance to our by-laws the Nominating Committee will introduce their slate of officers for the upcoming year of 2021-2022. All candidates have been asked & provided with the procedures of their respective offices.
There were no nominations from the floor.
Slate of Officers 2021-2022
President: Lori Kollmeyer
1st Vice-President: Kathy Ramsey
2nd Vice-President: Marcia Cohn
Recording Secretary: Mary Stanton
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Stevens
Treasurer: Mary Beth Koch
Past President: Chris Mielke
Vote on officers by members only. Unanimous votes aye.
These new officers will be installed at our Annual Meeting on May 6, 2021 & take over the reins of the club. We thank them for their time & effort to keep our Club going.

Second reading of the proposed by-law amendment for membership.
Copies distributed to members and proposal read.
Motion made by Connie & a second by Nancy to approve this by-law. Vote done by hand count. 31 yes and 4 no. By law amendment passed.

Thank you for supporting our wine, card, trinket & raffle sales today. Today’s raffle was donated by Marilyn Degler. We thank her. These funds go into our Community Service account to support our local charities.

Change of Board Meeting-
The board meeting has been rescheduled from April 5th to Monday, April 12th here at the Community Center at 9:30am.

Any other announcements?

Lunch 12noon. Blessing-May the renewal of life at Easter bring new blessings of love, hope, peace, good health & happiness to you and your loved ones.

Call tables-Masks on please as you come up to the table.
Springtime, Spring Break, Income Tax Day, Earth Day, April in Paris, Sunfest, Spring Training, Cherry Blossoms, Peeps, Colored Eggs, Easter Bunny, April Showers, Egg Hunt

Carol McKenna will introduce our program speaker, Stephanie, from Nothing but Bundt Cakes.

Raffle Drawing & Table Decoration drawing

Closing Remarks:
Thank you for being here today. We hope you have enjoyed it. Do not forget to leave your name tags.
Motion made by Pat and seconded by Connie to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kendra Zizzamia, Recording Secretary


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