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The Seasiders’ luncheon meeting was held on Thursday, Novermber 2, 2017 at the Palm Beach Shores Community Center.  Past President Joan Reilly called the meeting to order at 11:20 a.m.  There were 51 members and 4 guests present.  After the pledge, guests were introduced and the Novermber birthdays were recognized.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Treasurer Marie Reid read the report and was approved.

First Vice President Sue Franklin reported on the newsletter, Second Vice President Ingrid DeFusco on nametags, and correspnding Secretary, Maura DeReuil on reservations.

Committee Reports.

Janet Kortenhaus reported for Community Service, Dot Erickson for Book Club, Mary Campbell and Julie Palhof for Four Arts and Home and Garden, Cathy Breeze for Fellowship, Chris Mielke for Holiday Market and Bazaar and Joan Reilly for Membership. Three new members were inducted, Sue and Patty McManus and Liz Segall.

Joan Reilly posed the question that the board had wanted presented at the luncheon on the thoughts of the present members on changing the current requirement of potential new members to attend two luncheons instead of one before officially being approved for membership.  Several comments were heard from the floor not in favor.  A motion was made from the floor to table this discussion until the January luncheon when more members would be in town.  :Motion carried.

12 Noon meeting adjourned for lunch.

The Thanksgiving Basket raffle was won by Nina Lambert.

Elizabeth Kuechenmeister introduced our speakers Cinthia Becton, Executive Director of St. George’s Center & Ronnie Felder Director of Jesus & You Ministries otherwise known as JAY Ministries.  Brother Felder also introduced one of his residents Alex.   Our own Marilyn Degler was introduced as representative for Ryan’s Case for Smiles.  These were all charities that the Seasiders’ supported this past year.  Very information information about each group was presented to the audience including all their services and what they do.  St. George’s does have a need for volunteers to sort clothing and serve meals.

Joan Reilly reminded everyone of the board meeting on Monday, Novermber 7, at 9:30 a.m. at the Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Chris Mielke , Recording Secretary


Seasiders’ Board Meeting
Novermber 6, 2017

The Seasiders’ monthly board meeting was held on Monday, Novermber 06, 2017 at the Palm Beach Shores Town Hall.  Past President Joan Reilly called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.  There were 15 members present & current President Georgette Kauhane joined us by conference call.  The minites of the last meeting were read and approved.  Georgette lead the discussion of not reading the munutes of the revious boad meeting in order to save time since they had been sent out by email to all the board. Some felt the minutes should be read since not all members had read their emails.  we agreed to table the discussion until Georgette has arrived for the next meeting and will check Robert’s Rules of Order for clarification if the minutes have to be read.  Treasurer Marie Reid reported on the funds for the house tour fund and for the gerneral account.

A discussion was started on the new town sign that our house tour money will help pay for.  Apparently even the town does not like it and consensus from our board was that it did look cheap.  We will have to see what the town decides to do – use this one or purchase an electronic sign at more cost.


First Vice-President/Newsletter – Sue Franklin was not in attendance but Georgette will make contact with here so we know what date she needs the various committees to have their newsletter information to her for inclusion.

Second Vice-President/Nametags – Ingrid DeFusco reported that all is going well with nametags.

Corresponding Secretary/Reservations – Maura DeReull reported that all went well with reservations and she is more than happy to take reservations very early for the luncheons.

Social – Anne Rieger reported that she has been in contact with a friend who has the rules to teach beginning bridge to help boost attendance at the social card games.  After discussion we agreed to table this till after the December luncheon where we will ask who might be interested in the class.  Anne does not want to teach a large group.

Home & Garden & Four Arts – Elaine Susany reported that the tour for Bethseda By the Seas is next week & we will not have any programs for December due to the Holiday Market, the Cookie Exchange & the holidays.  She also reminded all of us that sometimes the dates depend on the venue’s schedule & their needs for volunteers.  She cannot just say to them that we want this one specific date only.  The tour of the Port of Palm Beach is in January.

Program- Lori Kohlmeyer will not be in town until this Thursday.

Book Club – Dot Erickson reported that the last book club went well & next one is scheduled for next week & will be the Elephant Whisperer.

Felowship – Cathy Breeze was not present.

Publicity – Barb Platner asked if anything she could do for publicity for the Holiday Market and Chris Mielke gave her the flyers for the town message boards & the ad to put in the weekly paper.  we will also use the town message board & have signs posted at various streets leading to the Market.

Membership- Joan Reilly substituting for Diane VanderPol introduced Elizabeth Kuechenmeister who told us about Marcia Cohn who she is sponsoring.  She want to work on bazaar & Holiday Market.  After discussion motion carried to have Marcia as a new member.

Hostesses – Joan Mills would like to move the Cookie Exchange to the Community Center for ease of parking & ease of not having to carry all of the supplies from there to the Town Hall.  After discussion we all agreed to make the change & will make sure it is noted in the newsletter.

Neighbor to Neighbor – Janet Kortenhaus is in the process of turning over all the information to the new committee of Maura DeReuil, Elizabeth Kuechenmeiste & Cathy Breeze.  She will post these names & information in the next newsletter as who they need to send an email to, to notify of a new resient. We agreed even if someone moved from one location to another intown they do qualify for a neighbor to neighbor visit.

Community Service – Janet Kotenhaus reported that she is going to email Myra & Alan about the need to move the three round tables out of our community Center storage as they are a hazard & blocking us from getting to supplies.  Chris suggested that if they had no other place to put them we could store them at Seaspray by our bazaar donations & be able to get to them for the bazaar.  Janet also announced the decorating of the Christmas tree at Town Hall will take place on Sunday Novermber 19, at 10:30 AM to be ready for the official lighting on Sunday November 26, at 6PM.  She will handle getting all the decorations laid out by Town Hall before that weekend.  Georgette asked if minutes are kept of the Communit Service meetings.  Chris said that they are if we discuss any decisions for spend any money.  No minutes if we are just making crafts.  Chris plans on wiring the minutes on the occasions when business is discussed.

Charity Bazaar- Chris Mielke reported that the Seaspray is set up with skids & we are ready to accept donations.  Plastic has been purchased to cover donations.  We ask that anyone with donations call either Joan Reilly or Chris to set up a time to meet at the Seaspray.  we are going to try to keep it organized & marked.  Chris & Joan went to the St. Francis bazaar to check it out & got some good ideas on displays & pricing.  Goal is to sell the donations so we plan on pricing it at a lower price so we do not have to have so much to give away at the end of the bazaar.  A work chairman is still needed to line up the departments heads & recruit the volunteers,  Joan Reilly has all the previous informaton from last year.

Old Business

Home Tour Funds – had been set aside for helping the town purchase the sign which originally was to be electronic.  They opted to get the cheaper sign with plastic lettering.  It is still up in the air with the own as to what they are going to do as they don’t seem to like it.  We put this on hold until further word from the town management.

Blackout Blinds for community Center – Carol Pirro has found a solution at little cost.  Plack plastic tablecloths that can be put up easily & taken down when done.  Carol was not in attendance today but she can report to us on the project.

Budget- Georgette would like to have a copy of the budget that was approved at our May Board meeting.  Treasurer Marie Reid is pretty sure she has a copy & will provide.

Fashion Show_ The question was are we having one ? Janet Kortenhaus will check with community service to see if anyone is interested in chairing the event.  Cathy Breeze said by email that as a back up plan for programs we could have Dot Erickson do her usual wonderful presentation on a place she has been.  In the past fasions for the show had been pulled from donation bazaar items.

Necessity for Liability Insurance – Due to changes in the town’s handling of coverage for events at the Community Center civic groups such as us are covered for our regular meetings & luncheon but probably not for major events such as the bazaar.  Janet Kortenhaus will get an official ruling from Town Hall & let us know.  We might have to purchase a special event policy for the bazaar & janet has an agent.  Dicussion also was held on if we need to talk to a lawyer on this matter – hopefully one for free.**Received clairification on his matter from Georgette by email after the meeting: The town has never had insurance to cover the civic groups’ liability for functions at the Community Center.  They are not allowed to add civic groups to their policies because of sovereign immunity.  The consensus was that regular meetings and luncheons are not a risk.  However, because the bazaar and POA chowder tasting have people from outside the town coming to these vents there is a risk so we must have insurance.

New Business

Membership – Joan Reilly for Diane VanderPol discussed the results of the plan to ask members their thoughts on changing requirements of having new members attend two luncheons instead of one to become a member at our November luncheon.  We did have several comments at the luncheon stating that the requiements hould not be changed.  A motion was made & passed at the luncheon that we table this question & decision until January 2018 when more members are here in Palm Beach Shores.

Hostess- Elizabeth Kuechenmeister spoke on new procedures for greeting every guest & helping them find a seat.  Pat Maloney praised the new procedure as she needs to be able to sit by the food so she does not have to use her cane & Elizabeth helped her find a close seat.  The idea of a get to know you game was discussed but everyone is so busy greeting friends, buying raffle tickets & cards that it would be diffucult.  We also discussed we need to not tip the chairs to save a seat- it is a hazard.  Would be nice if Ingrid could have extra write on name tags so people can put their name & reserve their seats that way.  The consensus is that we all as members need to be welcoming to new members & guests & try to mingle & introduce ourselves to all.

Treasurer- Georgette asked Marie Reid for a copy of the audit from July & feels that all board members whould have a copy. Marie will ge this information.

Newsletter- Georgette wants an email blast sent before each event such as luncheons, outings, social & planned events.  She will make sure Sue Franklin is aware of this.

Programs- Lori Kohlmeyer requested that we hold off our discussion on the opiate crisis program in conjunction with the POA until after she arrives this week.  We will discuss at December board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:16a.m.

Chris Mielke – Recording Secretary