Seasider’s Proclamation



WHEREAS, in January 1951, three months before Palm Beach Shores became an incorporated town, six ladies met at the home of Mrs. Carr who lived at 201 Sandal Lane; and

WHEREAS, shortly thereafter a second meeting was held at Mrs. Keith’s home at 26 Lake Drive where original members were elected or appointed officers; and

WHEREAS, the club’s objectives were adopted “to promote the spirit of service and friendship among its members and to stimulate interest in the community,” thus formally creating the civic group known as the Seasiders; and

WHEREAS, the Seasiders were responsible for knitting together the social fabric of Palm Beach Shores in the early days through various social events and activities to include many luncheons and tea parties, Christmas Dinners and Dances, Christmas Lighting Contests, fashion shows, and mad hatter parties, to say a few; and

WHEREAS, the Seasiders are responsible for maintaining active groups throughout the years focused on community service, gardening and beautification, the four arts, and social affairs; and

WHEREAS, the Seasiders have provided countless hours of volunteer service to raise funds for many worthwhile charities and the Town of Palm Beach Shores; and

WHEREAS, these many fundraising efforts, including the great annual Bazaar, performed by the Seasiders, have raised over $120,000; and

WHEREAS, we celebrate and honor this month of January, the 60th Anniversary of the


NOW, THEREFORE, I, John M. Workman, Mayor of the Town of Palm Beach Shores, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the town Charter, do hereby proclaim from now and in perpetuity, every first Thursday in January as Seasiders Day in the Town of Palm Beach Shores, and request all residents of the Town to extend expressions of gratitude and appreciation to the Seasiders by way of written notes and letters to be received at Town Hall, recognizing the many years of selfless devotion to our community.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this sixth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven and of the Incorporation of the Town of Palm Beach Shores the fifty-ninth.