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            Members , please remember to book your reservations

for the 2018 luncheons by the Friday before the luncheon

            our email for reservations is : seasidelunch65@gmail.com

    . Changes can be made up until noon on Monday of the luncheon week.

If you have not reserved by noon on the Monday of the luncheon week, you will be put on a waiting list if you email only to seasidelunch65@gmail.com
You will receive an email reply advising you of the wait list.

If you wish to sit with a group of friends please arrive in time to reserve the table.  Our luncheon are always fun and interesting, please plan to join us.


Our 65 Birthday Celebration was held at our regular luncheon meeting on January 7, 2016. It was a fun time with over 115 attending !

First Thursday of each month October through May at 11:15am,

October 5
What’s New in Palm Beach Shores

November 2
Info on Charities

December 7
Kings Academy ” Holiday Concert”

January 4, 2018
Public Safety for Women in and Around the Home

February 1
Fun and Games with a Surprise

March 1
Post Bazaar Fashion Show/Auction

April 5
Arthritis Foundation

May 3
The Gilded Age in Palm Beach